1. Be 100 pounds (by htid October)
2. Enrolled ready for a college (September 2nd- other enrollment dates)
3. Still have a job (Nordstrom~ or a better paying job)
4. Still have car (Constantly being a safe driver, phone off, always complete stops)
5. Be happy with my lover (every day, every moment)
6. Make over house (every day, do something to organize)
7. Make art comfortably (every day, every chance)
8. Great friendship base (everyday, every moment)
9. Save money (starting after September 8th for htid, college, & future)
10. Be good with my family (everyday, every moment)

laying in bed is probably one of the best feelings. I love chilling being cozy.


gotta pay nearly 100 for some tests, still have 40 looming for other medical bills. I’m trying not to be mad because there’s no point but its very annoying




Well, good morning I guess!


my stream page

You Suck IAP issues 1 through 3 now on Slipshine!

Along with this reblog Iā€™d like to invite everyone to watch the next comic being drawn.

Next comic will be about as worksafe as this one was whoa huh so be advised.


this one of my favorite documentaries.

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